When You Need a Tooth Extraction

There isn’t always a simple cure to your dental problems. Sometimes, it just needs to be pulled, and there’s little to nothing we can do to avoid that. It’s important to identify these situations when they occur so you know what you’re getting yourself into. Here are three reasons you’ll need to get a tooth extraction.


In some cases, infections go unnoticed for a while, and they can spread to your jawbone, or into your upper gums. You endure earaches, major swelling, and immense pain that rivals any toothache you’ve ever had. This is usually the result of off-and-on dental habits, but it can be fixed. You’ll need to take antibiotics, and within a week, have the tooth extracted to clear up the infected area.

Irreparable Cavity

If your tooth has been decaying for quite some time, to the point that it’s been hollowed out, it’s not safe to continue on the way you have been. You will need an extraction to prevent issues, such as infections, from occurring. You can also cut your gums and the interior of your teeth with jagged, unkept teeth. It’s best to get them taken care of before it gets out of hand.


If you’re been in a car accident or endured another type of physical trauma, the tooth that’s been damaged can’t always be saved. It’s better to undergo a tooth extraction rather than allowing half-teeth to remain. Not only can they lead to infection, but exposed nerves can cause you pain on an entirely different level than any cavity you’ve ever had. If you remember all the dentist trips post-Halloween as a kid, you haven’t experienced true discomfort. After an accident, exposed nerves require painkillers, and in most cases, a tooth extraction.

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When you need a tooth extraction, it’s a touchy subject. That’s why Moody Street Dental makes the process as painless and quick as it can possibly be. Put yourself in our care, and you’ll look back on your tooth extraction as fondly as possible.

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