When Should Someone Get Wisdom Teeth Removal?

We specialize in wisdom teeth removal in Waltham, MA. Learn about our process, and what to do to get started.

You rarely hear a case of, “My wisdom teeth grew in perfectly fine with no problems.” It’s not a common account. It’s like a little “Welcome to adulthood” wake-up call, and it’s never pleasant. Most people get their wisdom teeth removed in high school, well before they become a problem. So why would you need to get your wisdom teeth removed?

Wisdom Teeth Removal for Impacted Teeth

The most common reason is that your wisdom teeth are, or could become, impacted. This is when your teeth are growing beneath the surface of your gums, but they’re not coming out right. They lose track of their initial course, and end up colliding into the wall of your gums—a place that they’re not supposed to go—and causing intense pain. They’re basically trying to grow in an area where there is no room to grow.

Your dentist will be able to take a look at your wisdom teeth through an x-ray, and determine pretty early on if they need to be removed or not. If your wisdom teeth show any signs of becoming a problem, it’s just better to take them out right away.

Pressing on Other Teeth

Most of the time, the pain comes from impaction. Secondly, it comes from the blood vessels and nerves in your other teeth—the ones that your wisdom teeth are encroaching upon. This makes them irritated, like having a subterranean toothache that you can’t access. It’s just irritated, and it will go away, but the pain will intensify if you don’t handle it. It can feel like you have six to eight teeth in a constant internal toothache, and that’s not what you want to feel.

Improper Alignment

Your smile’s alignment isn’t just good for the camera. It’s crucial for the scope of your oral healthcare as a whole. When your wisdom teeth come in, even if they might pop up successfully, your mouth can become a bit crowded. This jams your teeth together, pushes some ahead of or behind other ones, and messes everything up.

Wisdom Teeth Removal in Waltham, MA

It’s a common practice nowadays, one that we’ve handled hundred—if not, thousands of times at Moody Street Dental. We work quickly and safely to ensure you’ll endure the least amount of pain during your wisdom teeth experience. If your wisdom teeth are causing you grief, pick up the phone and give us a call to schedule a consultation today.


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