Root Canal Dentist in Waltham, MA: How to Choose a Good One

Nobody wants to hear those five little words, “You need a root canal,” but they’ve been told to you for a reason. A root canal not only alleviates pain, but it can also save your tooth entirely. If you have the option, you should always go for the root canal, but how do you find out if your dentist is the right one to perform your root canal? Let’s talk about that.

Your Dentist Should Always Aim on Saving Your Teeth

If your dentist has suggested that you should get a root canal instead of an extraction, they know that the tooth is salvageable. A good dentist is going to take every measure viable to keep your teeth where they belong: in your mouth. If it becomes necessary for an extraction, your dentist should disclose all of the information that built that decision.

They Give You Options

Your dentist knows that it’s not a comfortable procedure, especially if you’re getting more than a single tooth worked on at a time. In the modern era, there are numerous pain reduction methods available. When your dentist gives you choice over how that’s done, they’re showing that they truly care about your comfort. No dentist is there to further your fears of leaning back in the chair.

Honest, Not Pushy

Nobody wants their dentist to be upselling them products, especially when they’re about to get a root canal. Your dentist will be honest with you, but they shouldn’t be pushy about products or going another route if you’ve already made up your mind. One sign that you have the best dentist is when they truly care more about your comfort and the end result than they do about pushing other products or services on you. Leaning back in the chair can already make you feel uneasy; you don’t want to be aggravated at the same time.

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