Root Canal Dentist in Waltham, MA: How to Choose a Good One

Nobody wants to hear those five little words, “You need a root canal,” but they’ve been told to you for a reason. A root canal not only alleviates pain, but it can also save your tooth entirely. If you have the option, you should always go for the root canal, but how do you find out if your dentist is the right one to perform your root canal? Let’s talk about that.

Your Dentist Should Always Aim on Saving Your Teeth

If your dentist has suggested that you should get a root canal instead of an extraction, they know that the tooth is salvageable. A good dentist is going to take every measure viable to keep your teeth where they belong: in your mouth. If it becomes necessary for an extraction, your dentist should disclose all of the information that built that decision.

They Give You Options

Your dentist knows that it’s not a comfortable procedure, especially if you’re getting more than a single tooth worked on at a time. In the modern era, there are numerous pain reduction methods available. When your dentist gives you choice over how that’s done, they’re showing that they truly care about your comfort. No dentist is there to further your fears of leaning back in the chair.

Honest, Not Pushy

Nobody wants their dentist to be upselling them products, especially when they’re about to get a root canal. Your dentist will be honest with you, but they shouldn’t be pushy about products or going another route if you’ve already made up your mind. One sign that you have the best dentist is when they truly care more about your comfort and the end result than they do about pushing other products or services on you. Leaning back in the chair can already make you feel uneasy; you don’t want to be aggravated at the same time.

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When Should Someone Get Wisdom Teeth Removal?

We specialize in wisdom teeth removal in Waltham, MA. Learn about our process, and what to do to get started.

You rarely hear a case of, “My wisdom teeth grew in perfectly fine with no problems.” It’s not a common account. It’s like a little “Welcome to adulthood” wake-up call, and it’s never pleasant. Most people get their wisdom teeth removed in high school, well before they become a problem. So why would you need to get your wisdom teeth removed?

Wisdom Teeth Removal for Impacted Teeth

The most common reason is that your wisdom teeth are, or could become, impacted. This is when your teeth are growing beneath the surface of your gums, but they’re not coming out right. They lose track of their initial course, and end up colliding into the wall of your gums—a place that they’re not supposed to go—and causing intense pain. They’re basically trying to grow in an area where there is no room to grow.

Your dentist will be able to take a look at your wisdom teeth through an x-ray, and determine pretty early on if they need to be removed or not. If your wisdom teeth show any signs of becoming a problem, it’s just better to take them out right away.

Pressing on Other Teeth

Most of the time, the pain comes from impaction. Secondly, it comes from the blood vessels and nerves in your other teeth—the ones that your wisdom teeth are encroaching upon. This makes them irritated, like having a subterranean toothache that you can’t access. It’s just irritated, and it will go away, but the pain will intensify if you don’t handle it. It can feel like you have six to eight teeth in a constant internal toothache, and that’s not what you want to feel.

Improper Alignment

Your smile’s alignment isn’t just good for the camera. It’s crucial for the scope of your oral healthcare as a whole. When your wisdom teeth come in, even if they might pop up successfully, your mouth can become a bit crowded. This jams your teeth together, pushes some ahead of or behind other ones, and messes everything up.

Wisdom Teeth Removal in Waltham, MA

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When You Need a Tooth Extraction

There isn’t always a simple cure to your dental problems. Sometimes, it just needs to be pulled, and there’s little to nothing we can do to avoid that. It’s important to identify these situations when they occur so you know what you’re getting yourself into. Here are three reasons you’ll need to get a tooth extraction.


In some cases, infections go unnoticed for a while, and they can spread to your jawbone, or into your upper gums. You endure earaches, major swelling, and immense pain that rivals any toothache you’ve ever had. This is usually the result of off-and-on dental habits, but it can be fixed. You’ll need to take antibiotics, and within a week, have the tooth extracted to clear up the infected area.

Irreparable Cavity

If your tooth has been decaying for quite some time, to the point that it’s been hollowed out, it’s not safe to continue on the way you have been. You will need an extraction to prevent issues, such as infections, from occurring. You can also cut your gums and the interior of your teeth with jagged, unkept teeth. It’s best to get them taken care of before it gets out of hand.


If you’re been in a car accident or endured another type of physical trauma, the tooth that’s been damaged can’t always be saved. It’s better to undergo a tooth extraction rather than allowing half-teeth to remain. Not only can they lead to infection, but exposed nerves can cause you pain on an entirely different level than any cavity you’ve ever had. If you remember all the dentist trips post-Halloween as a kid, you haven’t experienced true discomfort. After an accident, exposed nerves require painkillers, and in most cases, a tooth extraction.

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What To Expect From Your Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment becomes a viable option when teeth have begun to decay, or are infected. There are various steps to the actual process of your root canal, from preparation to the actual procedure.

Preparing For Your Root Canal Treatment

The first thing you need to do is arm yourself with knowledge: know what you’re doing into. A root canal focuses on the soft chambers within the center of your tooth, where the tooth pulp is located. Removal of the infected pulp and covering, or “capping” the area, is the best way to save your tooth from requiring a full extracted.

Why Does Tooth Pulp Have To Be Removed?

Think of it as the individual heart per every tooth. When you encounter issues with the core, or in this case, the pulp, bacteria grows rapidly and decays your tooth from within. It can be a fast-moving procedure, and goes unnoticed to the untrained eye. This is particularly why when discovered, dentists opt for a root canal as soon as possible.

How Long Does a Root Canal Take?

It depends on the dentist, how many teeth require the root canal, and if you require more than a single visit to complete the entire procedure. In some cases, your dentist may give you a referral to an external endodontist to finish the procedure. That all depends on the dentists skill level and experience.


Recovery, no matter what, is not going to be pleasant. With root canals, you can experience increased levels of sensitivity due to the tooth’s neighboring gums becoming enflamed, as well as minimal to moderate bleeding. These are all temporary, and in most cases, patients can return to their normal lives and daily activities the next day without concern.

Is a Root Canal Treatment Guaranteed To Save a Tooth?

Under no means is a root canal a surefire way to go, but there is a national average of a 95% success rate, so it’s most definitely a safe bet. After the crown or veneers are placed over your remaining section of your teeth, you’ll be able to rest assured that your tooth is here to stay.

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